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Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Quilt Design and images Copyright by Susan Plack 2000

Mission Santa Clara De Asis was founded in a pretty meadowland a few miles south of San Francisco Bay. The mission was to be founded as soon as the Mission in San Francisco was well established. Six months after the mission was founded, a large group of Mexican colonists arrived. The Padres worked to keep the Mission and the pueblo separated. Ultimately the pueblo and mission grew into the twin cities of San Jose and Santa Clara.

The mission was destroyed twice. The first time by flood the second by earthquake. The padres built a third time finishing up in 1825. The mission prospered. In 1851 the property was passed to the Jesuits who founded the University of Santa Clara on the mission site. The University is still maintained by the Jesuits. The chapel at the University is a duplicate of the old mission church. This block is a rendition of the section of garden wall that still remains. It is all that is still standing of the original buildings

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