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Mission San Luis Obispo

Mission San Luis Obispo

Quilt design and images copyright by Susan Plack, 1999

Mission San Luis Obisbo De Tolosa was the fifth mission founded by Father Junipero Serra. The mission was founded on September 1, 1772. During their search for Monterey Bay, Portola and his men found an area that was full of bears. They called it the Valley of the Bears. The mission was later founded in the valley due to a bear hunt that garnered over 9000 pounds of meat. The meat was sent to Carmel and San Antonio de Padua to prevent starvation at those missions.

San Luis Obisbo was the first mission to have tile roofs. Because the hostile Indians continually tried to set fire to the missions, the tile roofs were created to prevent fire damage. The roofs also helped to keep the interiors dry. After seeing the success of the tile roofs, the other missions soon made the switch to tile. San Luis Obisbo was one of the eight missions to develop into a town.

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