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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Quilt design and images copyright by Susan Plack, 1998

Mission Say Luis Rey was the last mission to be founded in the south, on June 13, 1798 by Father Lasuen.  The original California missions were simple mud huts, erected quickly without much skill.  It was not until Father Lasuen came along that the grand cathedrals began to be built.  San Luis Rey benefited from Father Lausen’s vast experience in the north and became one of the richest and largest of the missions. The mission filled the gap between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano.

When Mexico became free of Spain, they began to divide up the missions.  Pio Pico and his brother took over 90,000 acres of San Luis Rey's lands for themselves.  After 1846, the California government moved the San Luis Rey Indians to their temporary home at the Pala Indian reservation.  Temporary because it was not a large enough area to support any growth on the part of the Indians.  The mission at Pala is the last surviving mission that still serves the original Indian population.

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