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Mission Santa Inez

Mission Santa Inez

Quilt design and images copyright by Susan Plack, 1999

In 1804 it was considered that the El Camino Real was complete. The road spanning the southern part of California was populated by the Mission system. However there were still a number of “pagans” living in the hills behind Mission Santa Barbara. Therefore, on September 17, 1804, Mission Santa Inez was founded by Father Estevan Tapes, and named for St. Agnes. This was his first and only Mission. Santa Inez is also the last Mission to be founded. The building of the mission was not yet complete when in 1812 an earthquake struck destroying all of the buildings. Construction began at once and five years later the Mission was completed.

The local Indians then overran the Mission in 1824. The Indians were angry with the soldiers who were trying to live off the labor of the Indian population in the Missions. The soldier’s barracks and workshops were all burned down. When it looked like the church would be overcome by the blaze, the Indians threw down their weapons to help save the church. They then went on to do damage to two other Missions before disappearing into the Tulares.

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