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Susan Plack

As with all things in my life, I come up with wild ideas and then work very hard to con my family into going along with them.

My husband Michael is an outstanding photographer. We started out our business almost 30 years ago, with me taking photos right along side him. It wasn't long before his vision far surpassed anything I could do with a camera. He left me in the dust.

I first started sewing when I got married. (All married ladies need to know how to sew...) I loved making clothing, even when the collars were lumpy and the zippers too long. I took my first quilt class in an effort to use up all the left over fabric I had gathered while keeping my family clothed. Those of you who make quilts know what a joke that is! It didn't take me long to fill the cupboards. The first quilt teacher I had, told me I couldn't make a Mariners Compass because it was beyond my capabilities. I want to thank her. She hooked me into proving her wrong. My first original quilt design had a photo of my mom's house in the center, with flowers, trees, stars, and a Mariner's Compass around the outside. That started me on my journey to represent the world in fabric.

Thus began our artistic collaboration. Michael takes the photos, and I create the quilt. If we are very lucky, we can con our children into joining us on our quilt photo expeditions.

In my other life, I am an Elementary School teacher.

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