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California Lighthouses

CA Lighthouses

Quilt Designed and Copyright by Susan Plack 1997

I have always thought it would be a wonderful adventure to live in a lighthouse. Living by the ocean and keeping watch for passing sailors has always been a fantasy. It was Bruce Roberts' wonderful images of lighthouses that allowed me to fulfill my dream of becoming a "keeper of the light". This quilt was a labor of love.

On the day of the worst fire to hit San Diego County, word came over the news that our neighborhood was the next to be evacuated. I packed up this quilt and several others and put them all in the car. I wasn't going to leave them behind. Luckily the fire never reached us and we were fine. When we unpacked the car to re-pack it with donations for the fire victims, my quilts were mistakenly put back in the car and sent off. It was Halloween night that I discovered that several of my most valuable quilts were missing. I tracked them down to the last place (that shall remain nameless) they were seen in the US. They were sold off to vendors from Mexico. I still hope that my quilts will somehow show up somewhere. If not in fabric, at least I can visit with them here.

The Lighthouse blocks are designed at 16" with the exception of the "Star of India" clipper ship, which is 32" finished.

Thanks to Michael Plack for his wonderful photos of my quilt. His photos help to ease the loss of the quilt itself.

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